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If you want to work in BOOON we would like to receive an email including the 3 following documents:

  1. Your Curriculum Vitae including at least two references (resume)
  2. Your motivation including your strongpoints to be an excellent host (max. 300 words)
  3. Your availability – this gives us an idea of how we can schedule you in with the others.

These are the questions that need to be answered in the document called Availability

  • When can you start
  • How many day’s a week can you work,
  • When can you not work and why
  • Do you plan a vacation in summer or at some other moment
  • Is there a moment where you will want to work less and why.
  • Do you still study and if so what do you do and how long do you still have to study.
  • Do you wish to start/continue a study and if so when.
  • Do you have other activities and jobs and how much time does that take?
  • How long do you think you will work with us; a few months (when exactly), at least a year or do you intend to work here longer.

We will take into consideration only those whos application fulfil all of the above requested information.

In order to apply, go to the Contact page and select "Sollicitatie" from the drop down menu.

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Proveniersstraat 31
Tel.: 010 - 737 0782


Ma: 07:00   -  18:00 
Di: 07:00   -  18:00
Wo: 07:00    - 18:00
Do: 07:00    - 18:00
Vrij: 07:00   - 18.00
Zat: 08:30   - 18.00
Zon:      08:30   -    18:00